Agility accelerator

Combining an escape room and research-based team development simulation in one package. Guaranteed to be fun and useful! Available currently in Finland and Germany.

Agility simulator

Why don’t you try an agile way of working in safe surroundings resembling a modern work environment. Lean Escape combines an escape room with a SmoothTeam simulation. The environment highlights characteristics and ways of working that are typical to an agile way of action. Is the team good at throwing itself into tasks? Does it ask enough questions? Who keeps the spirits up when an experiment fails? LeanEscape is a combination of peer evaluation, agility mentor’s observations on your team’s actions and linking the topics to your everyday work.

The simulation concentrates on different factors associated with modern agile teams, but the game suits all kinds of teams regardless of whether they work using agile methods or not.

This is how Lean Escape works:

  • Team members’ self assessment (about 10 minutes)
  • Escape Room in the leading escape room in Finland (Helsinki or Tampere) or in Germany (Aachen, Frankfurt, Gelnhausen, Karlsruhe, Munich, Münster or Stuttgart) (about one hour)
  • Team discusses and studies their ways of action and learns from their experience in the escape room using our purpose-built web-platform and facilitated by an agility mentor (about one hour)



Who in your team throws themself to new tasks quickly?


Who in your group brainstorms and provides new and sometimes unfinished thoughts?


Who in your group asks relevant questions?


Who in your group dares to request help, even if it shows their imperfection?


Our agility simulator has been planned and executed in an agile way. The background to the simulation is general literature on agility and common practices in agile organisations.


Provide the teams an opportunity to experiment with an agile way of working in safe surroundings resembling modern work environment, and simultaneously learn to know each other better.

For whom

  • Suitable for teams of 3-12 persons. Bigger groups can also play separately in different rooms.
  • Total duration is about 2.5 hours.

Other simulations

Glue your team together

The simulation helps in understanding your colleagues and makes visible team members’ preferences regarding different kinds of job tasks. Fits well for understanding social coherence and building of mutual understanding.

Readiness for change situations

The simulation assists the team in concrete change situations. It creates social cohesion and belief in the team’s ability to function in unexpected situations.

Efficient management team

The simulation takes a facilitated approach to dealing with the team’s readiness and strengths in different situations facing the management team.

Results workshop

To support different simulations, we offer a separate results workshop, which is designed to provide the team with a development path based on the simulation results.

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