Build trust within a team

With SmoothTeam, you’ll learn about each other’s strengths, build trust, and improve team culture – in two hours and with a satisfaction guarantee. Suits remote, hybrid and on-site teams.

1. Reserve two hours on your team’s calendar.
2. Choose a facilitator among yourselves or use a professional facilitator.
3. Join a story-based simulation on the SmoothTeam platform. You will learn, for instance, about your colleagues’ strengths, and how they perceive things.
4. Finally, use the illustrative reports you will receive to support your further development. Powerful, easy and meaningful!

    SmoothTeam is a very illustrative service that allows different teams to work more efficiently. The tool helps team members recognize each other's strengths. I recommend you try it!

    Risto Siilasmaa

    Chairman, Nokia Corporation

    SmoothTeam even managed to engage the skeptics in our team and revealed what each of us misses at work. The simulation sparked a new level of openness, and it was fun and useful at the same time. I strongly recommend SmoothTeam especially for international teams!

    Svea Paju

    Marketing Director, Tikkurila Plc

    Simulations lead us to pay more attention to the fact that we are all individuals. This really changes the way we operate and provides support for the daily work. I warmly recommend SmoothTeam to anyone who does teamwork.

    Veli-Pekka Eloranta

    Business Director, Vincit Plc

    As a tool, SmoothTeam is clear and can be used by even the least experienced. Our simulation even sparked a good discussion in a group that is sometimes hard to get talking. We were able to effortlessly open up particularly difficult issues for further discussion.

    Juho Uutela

    Product Owner and Supervisor, Visma Enterprise Ltd

    SmoothTeam improves teamwork with pre-existing or custom made simulations

    SmoothTeam’s simulations are a great way to improve trust in different kinds of teams. They run on the SmoothTeam online platform and the discussion takes place in the team’s preferred video conferencing platform.

    We have several simulations for different situations and needs. Team Strengths is our most popular simulation, and is especially suitable as part of a team day or as a first simulation for the team.

    You can buy simulations directly from our webstore, and either run them yourself or book one of our professional facilitators. See the price list for more information. You can also read the frequently asked questions.

    Most popular simulations

    Know your team's strengths

    Understand your co-workers’ perceptions of different work tasks. This simulation is perfect as part of a team day, or as the team’s first simulation.


    Are we agile? What is holding us back? What is helping? Let’s discuss the agility of our operations.

    Efficient leadership team

    Develop the practices and interactions of your leadership team through concrete, research-based topics.

    Simulations for specific needs

    Understand stress factors

    What does each team member find burdensome? Be heard and develop your skills for working together.

    Mastering hybrid work

    What are the hardest parts for different team members? What works well? What hasn’t been talked about?

    An entrepreneurial team

    How shared are our goals and responsibilities? Do we question our team’s assumptions? A simulation based on the book by the former Nokia Chairman, Risto Siilasmaa.


    How do we feel about diversity in our work community? What kinds of diversity exist and how can we benefit from it?

    Biases in our thinking

    Our decision making is not objective, and this simulation helps us understand why. Challenge your team to discuss their thinking!

    Get to know your teammates

    The simulation helps team members get to know each other outside of the work role.

    SmoothTeam Skeptic Guarantee

    Did you get an invitation to a SmoothTeam simulation? Fear not! This will not involve annoying group play. The simulation provides a structure and framework for the event. The team and its members decide in more detail on the topics to be discussed and their depth. With the experience of thousands of simulations, we know that SmoothTeam is especially suitable for anyone who is frustrated with forced team development.

    Read more about our Skeptic Guarantee