Facilitator certification

Are you a consultant or a HR developer in your work community? Would you like to become a SmoothTeam facilitator and take advantage of the simulation in your own organisation or with your customers? Below you will find information on certification training.

Would you like to use SmoothTeam simulations in your own work?

In the training, you will receive access to SmoothTeam for Partners tool and the right to use it with customer groups. We also offer user support, included in the license price.

How is the consultant version different from the standard SmoothTeam service?

The implementation of the standard SmoothTeam tool as well as the terms pricing are based on internal use in a company. The consultant version, or SmoothTeam for Partners, is targeted for consultants to be used with several customers. As a partner facilitator, you will also receive instructions and material for the results workshop that you can utilize after the simulation.

As a SmoothTeam for Partners user, you have access to all the same features as the company users on the simulation platform, plus support for billing tracking and support material for sales and marketing.

Certification training is aimed at facilitators who already have a good routine for facilitating teams. The training includes participation in a simulation as well as a results workshop. In the training, you will learn how to use the SmoothTeam tool, the technical use of the simulation platform, and best practices for facilitating teams. We also deal with possible problem situations and how to prepare for them. The participant will receive comprehensive guides in the training to support future use.

The training takes 3 hours. Certified facilitators can deepen their skills in advanced level trainings.


After the SmoothTeam Facilitator certification training, you get:

  • The right to use SmoothTeam simulations for personnel development and coaching for the price of the tool
  • The right to use reports generated by the simulations to develop teams
  • Online support materials produced by SmoothTeam
  • SmoothTeam tool support and guidance
  • A personal SmoothTeam facilitator certificate and the right to use the title


Contact us and ask about the training

SmoothTeam facilitators who have completed certification training

Below you will find a list of certified SmoothTeam facilitators


Name Organisation
Aittamo Teija Omnia
Bange Saara Aalto EE
Bergman Tytti Thermo Fisher Scientific
Choi Jaewoong Paul&Mark
Collin Sara Lovak
Dahlblom Christina Miltton Sparks
Erkko Hanna Omnia
Gran Pia Educo
Gustafsson Katja Työdynamo
Gustavson Sara Lovak
Haataja Niina Integrata
Haavisto Virpi Avantage
Heikkilä Jaakko SmoothTeam
Heikkinen Sara JUJU Works
Heinimäki Marja Riihimäen-Hyvinkään kauppakamari
Hengesbaugh Brian Q4 Leaders
Hong Chanmi Paul&Mark
Honkanen Jonne Työdynamo
Hukari Anniina Taito Training
Huotari Mikko Solita
Hynynen Juha Hyvinvointivalmennus Hälsa
Hänninen Marita Hyvinvointivalmennus Hälsa
Jeon Jongmok Paul&Mark
Jewett Michele Q4 Leaders
Jokinen Lilla Riihimäen-Hyvinkään kauppakamari
Jonason Magnus Lovak
Juonela Annika Kehittämispalvelut Annika Juonela
Kallan Aleksi Solita
Kankaanrinta Tarja VTT
Karvonen Sirpa Omnia
Kaunisto Kati Solita
Kauppi Marjo Työdynamo
Kaura Juha Solita
Kilpinen Anna Sportfocus/Cope Oy
Kiukainen Reetta Psycon
Kiviniemi Aarne Hyvinvointivalmennus Hälsa
Koivuniemi Reetta SmoothTeam
Koskelin Mirka Finlayson
Koskimaa Mikael Sangre
Kovanen Pasi SmoothTeam
Kuhlencord Jannis SmoothTeam
Lehtinen Anne-Maria Hälsa
Lehtinen Minna Stepforward
Lehtonen Eija SmoothTeam
Liikari Tuike RoomEscape
Linnanahde Jonna Työdynamo, JUJU Works
Luomajoki Hanne-Leona Pro Synthesis
Luoto Lauri Psycon
Maine Mirva JUJU Works
Manner Jarmo Academy of Brain
Marjusaari Ville Solita
Martikainen Juha Hyvinvointivalmennus Hälsa
Medin Björn Lovak
Meriläinen Niina Työdynamo
Muhonen Timo Corporate Condition
Mun Yeongjun Paul&Mark
Mykrä Riikka Työdynamo
Nemeth Sebastian SmoothTeam
Niemelä Anitta Anitta Niemelä
Niemelä Anna HNY Group
Nokso-Koivisto Aleksis SmoothTeam
Nokso-Koivisto Hanna-Reetta SmoothTeam
Nousiainen Elina Työdynamo
Nyyssönen Sirkka sirkkanyyssonen.fi
Orvasto Reima Työdynamo
Park Hyunwook Paul&Mark
Park Jiwoong Paul&Mark
Park Seohyun Paul&Mark
Pihlajaniemi Pauliina Psycon
Poikkijoki Sari-Anne Åma
Pyysalo Anu Caverion
Remes Saara WorkDesign
Rosman Ronja JUJU Works
Saarela Tuula Ba Tuula Saarela
Salonen Ville RoomEscape
Sandelius Tiina-Maria Työdynamo
Savolainen Heidi Adventure Apes
Sipiläinen Riina Monetra
Suoranta Jarmo TX
Svorse Lars Lovak
Suvitie Jukka Pellervo-Instituutti Oy
Sydänmaanlakka-Koivulahti Mari Hyvinvointivalmennus Hälsa
Takamäki Timo Solita
Tiililä Maarit Maarit Tiililä
Tonder Henrika Start Stop Shift
Tuorila Liisa Tapojärvi
Valonen Minna CC-Valonen Oy
van der Beek Piritta Grape People
Vuorenmaa Jari Imaction
Woo Myunghoon Paul&Mark
Yang Inseok Paul&Mark


Frequently asked questions about certification training


I would like to attend, when do the trainings take place?

You are welcome to attend our open trainings. The training calendar is published on these pages. You can also let us know your contact information and we will provide you with information on future trainings. If there are several facilitators in your organisation, contact us and we can tailor a training for you in your own premises.  

What happens after the training?

In the training you get access to to SmoothTeam tool and after that you can use it with your groups for the price of the tool only. We also provide user support as a part of the tool cost.  

What simulations have you got?

Check out simulations. You get access to all published simulations. We can also develop tailored simulations that deal for instance themes important in the company strategy or otherwise relevant to a specific group. We are happy to make an offer on a tailored simulation.