The SmoothTeam team building tool, popular with consultants, is now also available directly to teams! Due to high demand, we have built a general-purpose version of SmoothTeam simulations.

Simple pricing

The team can play through the simulation themselves by choosing a game manager among the team. You can also use the company’s own facilitators or an external consultant to facilitate the game. If you would like to use a consultant, you can find here a list of certified facilitators or ask us for a hint.

A report of the simulation is always provided to the participants and the facilitator receives a compiled report. The available languages in all simulations are Finnish, English and Swedish, and in most simulations also German.

The prices are VAT 0%, VAT will be added.

One-off simulations

SmoothTeam tool with a monthly subscription

  In all monthly billed solutions  

  • Unlimited number of facilitator accounts
  • Unlimited number of simulation times
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • 14 days free cancellation policy
  • Optionally, a demo led by a SmoothTeam expert that introduces participants to using the tool
  • Seven different simulations for different teams for different situations
  • Technical and facilitation support
  • Facilitation webinars

  A company with more than 2000 employees? Contact us!  

  If necessary, ask for:

  • Enterprise support and system integrations
  • Customized simulations, such as company values or gamified strategy

Termination of the subscription: You may cancel your subscription to the service at any time. The service is available to you until the end of the current monthly billing period.

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