ImproveIT Solutions is a Ukrainian company. We offer software development outstaffing services for mostly European and US companies. ImproveIT was founded in 2017 and we now have almost one hundred employees.

Most of our employees work remotely, but we also have two offices in Ukraine. Employees can choose whether they want to work from home or in the office.

Neither COVID-19 nor the war stopped production

Even before COVID-19, remote working was one of our competitive advantages. However, the pandemic made it easier for us to employ people from other regions of Ukraine, so we have expanded a lot.

Due to the war we needed to evacuate some of our employees. A few were also mobilized or volunteered for the army. Otherwise our production has been running without interruptions, and motivation and spirit are high. All our clients have also been really supportive.

Great teamwork is all about communication

Most of our teams are pretty independent and we are always looking for ways to improve collaboration between teams. Great teamwork is all about communication and establishing good practices for that.

Since our administration team was not very connected, we decided to try the SmoothTeam simulation called Team’s Leisure Time. Our goal was just to have fun and learn something new about each other.

SmoothTeam was fun and useful

The experience really exceeded our expectations. Some participants were afraid that the simulation would be boring, but everybody found it truly entertaining. It was something new and unexpected, fun but also useful.

We got to know each other’s personalities and hobbies, and shared lots of personal stories. Now that we have a  shared understanding of who we are and what we like, we can use these insights when we e.g. organize team events in the future.

The simulation service was very straightforward and easy to use. You don’t need to focus too much on the service itself, and everyone can concentrate on having a great dialogue.

I recommend SmoothTeam to every organization

I recommend SmoothTeam to everyone and every organization. Especially for larger teams, ten or more employees, where active collaboration with other team members is required.

Denys Romanov
Denys Romanov
Director of Customer Management
ImproveIT Solutions