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A series of seven simulations

Leadership development is a very important area for us. Development work cannot only be done in the leadership team, but business steering groups also play a key role in ensuring that employees are well managed and that day-to-day business runs smoothly.

SmoothTeam and Roima collaborated on a series of seven simulations for Roima’s leadership team and business steering groups in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. All simulations were led by SmoothTeam’s professional facilitators and were conducted partly remotely, partly in the same room or as hybrid implementations. The languages used in the simulations were English, Finnish or Swedish, depending on the group.

Time management was a concern beforehand, as two hours of management or steering group time is a big investment and we expected an inspiring and useful experience. The first simulation was carried out with the Roima leadership team and served as a test for what would be expected later for the steering groups. However, after the first simulation, we were already convinced that they were a sensible use of time.

Building confidence and taking a break from the workload

Another reason why we wanted to do more simulations was to develop the steering groups as teams: how to work more effectively as a team, how to make better use of diversity as an asset and how to build deeper trust in each other. These were some of the preconceived objectives for the simulations.

The simulations also gave us a break from the day-to-day operational work. They provided a much-needed sense of relaxed togetherness, while still discussing important work issues. During the simulations, we noticed strengths in our team members that we had not noticed before, and now we can make better use of them. In addition, each team knows each other and their strengths better, which makes it easier to work together and pay attention to areas for improvement. The positive feedback we gave each other during the simulation, without even realising it, was also empowering.

The sceptic guarantee held

The simulations provided each member of the steering group with a new perspective on their own steering group and its dynamics. This will also help to guide the steering group in the future.

SmoothTeam’s promise that the simulations would not be burdensome was important to us and really held up well. I already included a sceptic’s guarantee in my calendar invitations. We attended the simulations with a positive attitude.

To sum up, the simulations were a great success. At the very least, expectations were met and exceeded, and the content was also successful. Cooperation was easy in every respect and the practical arrangements went smoothly. Definitely worth all the time.

I can recommend simulations to anyone working in the field of information. Simulations work well whatever the industry, for young or more experienced teams, in small or large companies, where the aim is to improve management or teamwork.

Heli Jelonen
HR Director