Our personnel have been employed by a state-owned company for a long time. In February 2019, the private Viafin Service acquired Gasum’s technical services, which became Viafin GAS. This has been a big change process for the people.

We need to have the most skillful team at work and we are investing to be the most desirable workplace. At the moment, our main theme is communication: between teams, between management and employees, and towards the customers. We used SmoothTeam to develop communication.

SmoothTeam helped our team better understand why the team members are behaving in a certain way – and how I can behave smarter with them. Serve, interact or lead.

Participants said that this is a really great service – not too serious, and thanks to the gamified content, nice to use. At the same time, SmoothTeam helps to realize the strengths and different personalities of the other team members. For example, you can say things quickly and coldly to one team member. For the other, the message gets through better when it is softer.

I also greatly appreciate SmoothTeam’s research background. It is also easier to justify to participants that even if things are done with some humor, there are solid rationales behind it.

SmoothTeam is great also for companies that are in a state of change, although nowadays, of course, there is talk that change is a permanent state of being. In fact, I don’t see any situations that SmoothTeam wouldn’t suit – on the contrary, I highly recommend trying it!

Jarno Anttalainen
Viafin GAS Oy

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