Kalmar provides cargo handling solutions and services for ports, terminals, distribution centres and heavy industry. We recently started using SmoothTeam in our software development unit with around 160 employees. We decided to act as facilitators ourselves.

Simulations lead to new conversations

SmoothTeam was different to concepts we had seen before and that is what got us interested. We like the way the service visualises team strengths and dynamics.  Each simulation is different due to the participants of the teams. The simulations have led to new topics of conversation that were not really happening before. It is important for our teams that participating in the simulations is a fun experience.

Low threshold for successful use

The SmoothTeam tool is really easy to use and no previous facilitation experience is needed. Almost all of our simulations have been conducted in a hybrid model, i.e. with both remote and local participants. We had some simulations where the tool coped very well with special situations. For example, one person’s network connection was unstable, but the tool behaved well and we were able to continue.

Most participants have liked the concept

The simulations have led to some new conversations. Most participants have liked the concept, and the benefits of the service we expect will be seen outside the simulations in the form of improved teamwork.

Andrew Cox
Risto Lintinen
Veli-Pekka Jaakkola

Kalmar Global