At Ensto, our team is responsible for personnel, communications and responsibility processes on a group-wide basis. We’ve only been working like this for a few months, and some of us know each other better, some not so much yet.

One team member started working with us half a year ago and found themselves acting as a supervisor in the middle of a company working totally remotely, and has had to get to know people remotely. The team meets remotely once a month to review strategic projects.

Knowing the others is always important at work, and in a family company personnel and well-being are especially valuable

It’s really important that we know each other, whether we work remotely or in the same premises. We have had quite limited opportunities to get acquainted. When new employees come in and supervisors change, the team always re-forms. Especially when working remotely, it is good to get to know the operating styles better. This way you see how people feel what their own strengths are and what they like. In a family company, personnel and their well-being are particularly important.

SmoothTeam got us in a good mood right away

The SmoothTeam concept sounded really nice and interesting. In the simulation, team development has not been implemented too literally or traditionally. The preparation was already nice and we immediately got in a really good mood when the event started. We discussed work and the operations of the team, but at the same time the two-hour simulation was also quite entertaining and nice. This is suitable for all well-being and development projects in the workplace! The simulation progressed gradually and remained interesting throughout.

After the simulation, people remained in a good mood for a long time. It’s really important what kind of an atmosphere remains after a team development session.

The simulation gave the supervisor understanding about the team’s operations and help with their own work

The simulation also taught the supervisor to see what things to keep in mind when leading this group. In the simulation, you quickly get to know people’s natural operating styles. The simulation also helps in leading individuals. For example, it creates an understanding about the types of tasks that can be given to different people and what people get excited about.

I really liked that during the simulation there were comments such as “I’m good at this, you could use me for this kind of tasks”. It’s great when people say that this would be easy for me and I’ve done things like this. With this understanding, one can also, for example, become aware of things that are not really anyone’s cup of tea.

The trip retains the interest of the group and helps with grouping

The story of the simulation is nicely constructed and retains the interest of the group. I don’t think traditional sticky notes would keep up the good flow for two hours, as was the case with the simulation. Even after the simulation, the feeling remained positive and I heard the comment “Oh, it would be so nice to go on a trip with this group!” So there was clearly positive group formation taking place.

We got to know each other, our styles of action and our strengths. We learned what each person wants to be promoting and what motivates them, and what is not so natural for them.

A motivated and enthusiastic team succeeds and provides the best value

I believe that when a team is motivated and enthusiastic, and team members get to do things that they feel they do well and succeed, the team provides the best value to the company. The mission of our team is to support the success of the company’s strategy. Our strategy is looking for growth, and when this team is on fire, we are best able to support the realization of our strategy.

As one concrete outcome of the simulation, we were able to share concrete responsibility for issues related to well-being at work and team’s shared work already during the simulation.

The simulation left a shared good feeling and would fit any situation

The simulation was a happy trip with our group. There was a good feeling both during and after the trip! Even after the simulation, many people returned to the fact that it was a nice event.

SmoothTeam simulation is suitable for just about anything, as long as there is a team working together. I can also recommend it to global organizations.

Kirsi-Marja Ura
SVP HR, Brand & Communications, Sustainability