When a global pandemic forced people to flee their jobs to home offices, Integrata made no exception in this regard. We worked remotely all spring, but during the summer, some people returned to the office while others continued to stay at home and telecommute.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people in Integrata in very different ways. Others have found a lot of good things about telecommuting, such as time savings due to the absence of commutes. In addition, many have said that it is better to concentrate on work requiring precision at home. However, some have clearly longed to get back to the office.

In remote meetings, feelings are not transmitted

We have worked hard to ensure that even in telecommuting people have the opportunity to get to know and keep in touch with their teammates and co-workers. However, telecommuting is especially visible in teamwork. Meetings, I think, are not quite as smooth and not everyone dare to say their opinions remotely. Weekly meetings and mood meetings in particular are challenging for some and may not convey the right emotional state. So at this point, it seemed really natural to jump into the world of SmoothTeam simulations.

Simulations open discussions

I immediately got excited about the SmoothTeam simulations. They allow discussions to open quickly, even if not everyone knows each other well in advance. Thanks to the simulations, the new team members have also been able to get involved quickly and get to know their team. Almost every team has booked a simulation for the moment a new employee starts with us.

The simulations also get those people to talk who don’t normally open up. Discussions can also get really deep and those who have worked with each other for a long time have learned a lot about each other. I, too, am amazed every time I facilitate the simulations! It’s really nice to get to know your co-workers better.

Enthusiastic reception

People have received SmoothTeam really well and been excited. With the positive experiences, other teams have also wanted to try out the simulations. We have done the simulations live in the office or remotely. Even remote simulation has worked great, although at first I was skeptical about remote implementation.

It’s easier to work together when you understand a colleague’s ways of working

The more people know about each other’s ways of doing things, the easier it is to do things together. That’s when others will understand what you’re like and what you prefer. Simulations also help tell what people are really thinking. I was very pleased that almost everyone who tried the simulation gave something about themselves. It also creates psychological security, which we have strongly emphasized at Integrata.

SmoothTeam will certainly benefit all areas where people do teamwork. In a couple of hours, you can learn more about your teammates than normally over a much longer period of time.

Satu Niinimäki

Welfare and Coaching

Integrata is an HR house with just over a hundred people, where expert work is done with a big heart; for real but not with a straight face. The offices can be found in Tampere, Helsinki and Pori.