The main product of Sandvik in Lahti is a hydraulic hammer. I myself have been with Sandvik for a couple of years and I lead a product development planning team of 11 people. I think Sandvik is a great place to work and a great employer, and I want to invest in employee welfare myself as well.

How to get new team members into the team without appointments?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been quite a roller coaster ride, especially during remote schools. However, the transition to telecommuting was surprisingly easy for us. The work was done well and also a couple of new persons started in our team. However, the new employees had not been able to meet other team members face-to-face and felt that they had not yet gotten in so well.

My supervisor had heard of SmoothTeam and urged me to give it a try. The service immediately seemed interesting; it’s not too serious but not just a play either.

Both those who have been on the team for 30 years and those who have been there for six months found it useful

SmoothTeam did a great job of integrating new team members into the team. The team also has people who have worked together for 30 years. They, too, felt that they were learning new things about each other.

I myself learned new, even surprising things about many team members. The self-assessment highlighted issues that are not visible from the outside. It is easy to think that someone likes certain types of tasks that they have to do repeatedly, even if that is not the case. In addition, I made a lot of interesting observations about more personal things.

The discussion flowed naturally

The simulation was one of the most natural teleconferencing events in which I have participated. Everyone kept their video and microphone open, and the discussion flowed well. There were no factors that traditionally degrade the atmosphere of a remote meeting.

We combined the simulation with a recreation day. After the simulation, we went mountain biking. In addition to cycling, we continued the discussions that arose in the simulation.

SmoothTeam is perfect for new and old teams. Next, I will use it to introduce a new project team to each other.

Simo Kuutti
Simo Kuutti
Planning Manager, Team Supervisor