Vincit is a 600 employee public company that designs and develops web services, mobile apps, and embedded systems. Ville Houttu, CEO of Vincit USA, shares his experiences with SmoothTeam simulations.

Working remotely

Vincit has been growing fast during the pandemic, and dozens of new employees have joined the team during that time. Some of the employees work daily at the offices in California and Arizona, some people come in part of the week, and some employees work entirely remote. Employee well-being and happiness is one of the most important metrics for Vincit, and remote work has added a completely new twist into providing employees excellent working experience.

SmoothTeam simulations have been an awesome and energizing tool for supporting our team members during this evolution and cultural shift.

Simulations help onboarding and instill company culture

Onboarding remote employees is the first and hence the most important impression we can give on how it feels to work at Vincit. We have found SmoothTeam simulations a very effective way of getting to know your new colleagues and share expectations about how to work together as a team. This makes the onboarding process smoother and more fun! Due to the design of the SmoothTeam simulation platform, everyone finds something valuable in the experience – which isn’t always the case with many remote team exercises.

Customized and tailored simulations also offer a great opportunity to introduce company culture and values to employees in a meaningful way.

SmoothTeam Improves Engagement

We have experienced it to be extremely valuable to understand what your colleagues think, work and feel outside your immediate workgroup. Understanding the strengths of the teammates you work less with creates bonds and enhances communication.

Simulations also spark great conversations in groups which may typically have a hard time initiating deeper discussions. Often difficult issues get brought up and hidden pain points are revealed.

I Recommend SmoothTeam Simulations to Energize Remote Teamwork

I recommend giving the tool a try. The chances are, it will become an essential part of your onboarding and employee engagement improvement process.

Ville Houttu
Vincit USA