Customer testimonials

Hundreds of teams have participated in SmoothTeam simulations. Below, you’ll find some customer testimonials.

The immediate and genuine reactions, and the support of the team members were the best things in the SmoothTeam simulation

Our business is fairly new and the whole team is brand new. Our team does not work too much together, as everyone has their own responsibilities. However, we are a united team and have begun to create ways in which we can leverage each other’s expertise within the team. The simulation was an excellent experience also because it did not have separate tasks for different team members, but we did the whole trip together. This worked well, and as a foreperson it was great to watch when the whole team was involved. The questions concerned everyone and everyone was involved – there was no one left out. The best thing in the simulation were the immediate and genuine reactions of the team members. When we saw the responses from the team members, there were reactions as well as sincere questions and views that we discussed. Feelings were high, we smiled and laughed! Read the full story!

Arton Ibrahimi

Head of Solutions Management, Kiilto

SmoothTeam simulation supports collaboration, motivation and enthusiasm

Experienced coaches participated in the simulation. That’s why we chose the Biases in our Thinking simulation as this group needed challenges for their thoughts and because as they were all coaches, the other topics were already more familiar to them. During the simulation, there were several surprises when someone had self-assessed something to be a weak factor, and others saw it as their strength. As another example, we found that there are things I imagined were better than they actually are. We got into good discussions, and the implementation of the simulation via video conferencing didn’t affect this negatively at all. Read the full story!

Jarmo Annala

Netvisor Product Line Manager, Visma Solutions Oy

SmoothTeam opened also difficult topics for discussion

As a tool, SmoothTeam is clear and can be used by even the least experienced. The simulation sparked a good discussion also in a group that is sometimes hard to get talking. We were able to effortlessly open up particularly difficult issues for further discussion. SmoothTeam directs in a well-thought manner to the appropriate discussions and also to move forward. The simulation also limited the discussion appropriately and directed it to the necessary topics. I recommend SmoothTeam to all teams. Read the full story!

Juho Uutela

Product Owner and Supervisor, Visma Enterprise Oy

I recommend SmoothTeam to everyone who does teamwork

The SmoothTeam tool perfectly supports the occasion, but does not take the lead. The main part is the discussion between people. Good insights emerge from the discussion and it cuts down prejudices. Simulations lead us to pay more attention to the fact that we are all individuals. This really changes the way you work and provides support for the daily work. I warmly recommend SmoothTeam to anyone who does teamwork. Read the full story!

Veli-Pekka Eloranta

Agile coach, Vincit Oyj

SmoothTeam involved even the skeptics

I chose SmoothTeam, because it was recommended by a colleague. I found it an interesting approach: it’s both playful and useful by helping the team to find ways to function even better. Some of our team members are very skeptical towards team events – “how can we spend hours playing a game?!” Fortunately the simulation succeeded involving everyone fully. It was not only playful, but also practical training and development for us as a team. Everybody commented afterwards that the simulation was useful and enjoyable. SmoothTeam is great for international teams! It also works for newer teams and situations where new team members have joined an existing team. Read the full story!

Svea Paju

Marketing Director, Brands, Tikkurila Oyj

The simulation was one of the most natural teleconferencing events in which I have participated

My supervisor had heard of SmoothTeam and urged me to give it a try. The service immediately seemed interesting; it’s not too serious but not just a play either. SmoothTeam did a great job of integrating new team members into the team. The team also has people who have worked together for 30 years. They, too, felt that they were learning new things about each other. The simulation was one of the most natural teleconferencing events in which I have participated. Everyone kept their video and microphone open, and the discussion flowed well. There were no factors that traditionally degrade the atmosphere of a remote meeting. SmoothTeam is perfect for new and old teams. Next, I will use it to introduce a new project team to each other. Read the full story!

Simo Kuutti

Planning Manager, Sandvik

SmoothTeam glued our global team together

SmoothTeam enabled the team to come up with solutions together, to build our shared way of working. The buy-in is fundamentally better this way. It’s not only about the actual solutions we may use, but about the shared process of creating them. The simulation built a good foundation for me as a manager to build the team further. You can carry out these kinds of discussions in many ways, and this was a fun way, which we all enjoyed. Making a serious topic fun also helped the discussion. We are looking to continue the discussions after the simulation. The simulation clearly was the highlight of the week, and not only that, but now with hindsight I notice that the team members are continuing to build on the ideas we got in the simulation. This sparked something in the team, a new connection and new commitment to each other. Read the full story!

Filip Nyman

Process Portfolio Manager

The simulation worked better in team-building than we dared to hope

We do customer projects in very varied teams, but on the other hand, we have teamed up people more permanently at the business side. The members of the Solutions team who did the simulation now, often work on different projects, and there is no daily team-building because of this. Especially now during teleworking, the challenge is to maintain team spirit and create encounters. The simulation was a fun way to bring people together and it was easy to imagine being on an imaginary journey together! I can recommend the simulation very extensively, also to teams just like ours, i.e. it is not necessary to be close together. The shattering of many conceptions is always evocative and helps us understand each other’s ways of working. Read the full story!

Annika Turunen

HR Manager, Nordic Healthcare Group

SmoothTeam helps tell what people are really thinking

We have worked hard to ensure that people can get to know each other and keep in touch with teammates and co-workers even while telecommuting. However, remote work is especially visible in teamwork. So at this point, it felt really natural to jump into the world of SmoothTeam simulations. The simulations also get those people talking who don’t normally open up. Discussions can also get really deep and even those who have worked with each other for a long time have learned something new about each other. I, too, am amazed every time I facilitate the simulations! Read the full story!

Satu Niinimäki

Welfare and Coaching, Integrata

With SmoothTeam, people openly shared their thoughts

I’m really glad that the simulation got the different participants to speak openly and equally. The simulation guided everyone to take part. In a good way it forces equal participation. In many other methods, success depends a lot on what subjects each participant raises to discussion or if they choose to stay in the background. SmoothTeam encouraged everyone to share their own thoughts openly. With the help of the simulation, we went through the participants ’preferences and strengths in a truly open way, as well as discussed things that no one seems to prefer. We found that we should not think of people in overly narrow roles, as lawyers or as economists, but find individual roles. They are more inspiring and meaningful to people than ready-made boxes. Read the full story!

Sanna Hughes

Executive Director, Finnish Landlords’ Association

SmoothTeam gave us a whole new perspective

There are many aspects to teamwork in software projects: the technological perspective, the processes, and the people and communication. SmoothTeam helps to improve the latter. The session was attended by Finns, Estonians and Spaniards from Gofore, as well as our customers from Finland and Estonia. SmoothTeam gave us a whole new perspective to look at what the team is doing. It is also important that the session was fun and the participants were in a good mood. We did not get just analysis, but also well-being. Read the full story!

Ilkka Seppälä

Technical project manager, Gofore Oyj

The better we know each other, the smarter we can behave towards each other

SmoothTeam helped our team better understand why the team members are behaving in a certain way – and how I can behave smarter with them. Serve, interact or lead. SmoothTeam is great also for companies that are in a state of change, although nowadays, of course, there is talk that change is a permanent state of being. In fact, I don’t see any situations that SmoothTeam wouldn’t suit – on the contrary, I highly recommend trying it! Read the full story!

Jarno Anttalainen

CEO, Viafin GAS Oy

I can definitely recommend SmoothTeam to various organizations

We consciously work to improve the work community and we have used SmoothTeam already three times. We have chosen it especially because of the simulation-based approach. The simulation creates a basis for discussion and keeps the joint workshop meaningful for the participants also remotely. I can definitely recommend SmoothTeam to various organizations. SmoothTeam works to develop the team and its work, helping to identify pain points and engage in constructive discussions about them. Read the full story!

Sonja Raitamäki

Secretary General, National Union of University Students in Finland

The openness of the discussion created by SmoothTeam was startling

The discussion sparked by SmoothTeam was startling. We had gone through identical things before. When things were dealt with through the simulation, the same people provided completely different perspectives. The team members spoke much more openly. I have unreservedly praised SmoothTeam for many people. There are easy things in life: if I’m wondering if I should shave, the answer is automatically yes. There are also those things where the answer is automatically no. Using SmoothTeam is one of those points in life where the answer should be automatically yeah, if you consider even for a second whether it might be needed. Read the full story!

Tero Rinne

Founder, Chairman of the Board, Iogen Oy

The simulation makes it versatile how we see each other and ourselves in perhaps different ways

We are developing our own team on a regular basis. It is part of our strategy. We were looking for new perspectives for understanding each other through SmoothTeam simulation. It was fun! Thinking about each other’s strengths worked very well through the story.

Piritta van der Beek

CEO, Grape People Finland Oy

SmoothTeam helps develop the work of management teams in a globally decentralized team

Some of our employees meet regularly in offices in Zug, Switzerland and Helsinki, Finland. In addition, we have people from Australia, America and Spain, among others. A few employees mentioned that they had been very skeptical in advance as to whether it was worth wasting time on such. Afterwards, they said they saw value in the structured discussions created by SmoothTeam, through which we learned what each of us is like and how we see each other. In our case, the simulation opened the Pandora’s box really well, especially as there were both long-time employees and those who had been working with us for a shorter time. Read the full story!

Jarmo Suoranta


Prof. Dr. Laura Nyström

Prof. Dr. Laura Nyström

ETH Zurich Laboratory of Food Biochemistry

For me as the team leader the simulations were an awesome tool, and I learned a lot about my team’s hidden talents and preferences. We have been using the results of the simulation in planning the team’s activities and in sharing responsibilities for new tasks. The ideas developed in the results workshop have streamlined our practices, improved our internal communication and even enhanced mutual respect within the team.

Eero Manninen

National Union of University Students, Finland

We used SmoothTeam’s Psychosocial Stress Factors simulation to discuss stress and burdensome situations with out employees. The simulation was successful in bringing even delicate issues to discussion and to open an interaction between our employees in a way that builds trust and mutual respect. The simulation made several things visible and also provided concrete solutions. I can recommend it for challenges that relate to stress factors.

Tiia Lehtinen

PGL research

The simulation showed me how the others see me, and I also learned a great deal about the other employees.

Anna Länninki

Junior Chamber Tammerkoski

SmoothTeam tool was direct, easy to use and an entertaining way to compare how I and others see different team members by their character and as a part of the team.

Areski Stichweh


I learned a few things about my coworkers, especially regarding their work, their working habits and what they like to do. SmoothTeam exercise gave us a platform to communicate and ask a lot of questions that are essential to having a functional team. Awesome. The report with the graphs, stats, team summary and personal summary is fantastic.



I got to know my team mates better, especially the new ones. Graphical presentation in regards to the colors and arrows is quite helpful to find gaps in self-assessment and assessment from the others.

Niina Haataja


I facilitated the remote work simulation for the team, and it worked well. The team discussed issues that would not otherwise have been discussed, for example, the team had not previously gone through who, for example, is disturbed by interruptions or how each team member experiences isolation. Overall, the tool was fun and interesting and gave a good idea of how others experience this telecommuting situation. The simulation served insanely well as a stimulus for discussion and a basis for dealing with different issues.

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